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We’ve been collecting domestic garden waste since 1984 and like to think we have the answers to most of our customers’ questions. Here are some of them.

Can I put all my garden rubbish in the bin or bag?

Anything green that grows in the garden with two exceptions. Nature slipped up a bit when she designed bamboo and flax. They do not break down anywhere near as readily as most waste and they do a great deal of damage to mulching machines. So sorry, but no bamboo or flax. And no branches in excess of 100mm diameter, again because they take too long to break down.

Why can’t I just put the garden waste out with my household rubbish?

You can. But it won’t be recycled and you’re limited with space. And you’re contributing to the landfill problem.

How do I pay?

Sunshine runs a prepaid system. So when you join you will be invoiced in advance. To keep our service low cost we expect payment within 14 days. Chasing debts costs time and money and that’s not how we want to spend our time.
Payment can be made online, by cheque, cash, credit card, automatic payment, phone banking or EFTPOS at our Mt Wellington office.

What if my bag or bin is empty and won’t need a collection?

Just contact us at least one working day prior to your next collection and postpone. We’ll bypass your property and you won’t be charged. This only applies only to our standard services.You can postpone up to 4 standard collections per calendar year. Please remember that if you are on the 8 Weekly service you cannot postpone or defer your collections. If you have just completed an extra service you will not be permitted to postpone your next regular service.

I’m really fussy about my garden and don’t want it damaged when the collector calls for the bag.

Will I need to put it out myself?

You probably won’t be able to move it! But you don’t need to worry as all Sunshine operators are chosen with care and treat your garden with the same care you do. The service is discreet and efficient. In fact you’ll often find your bag is collected without you noticing they’ve called.

I’ve seen cheaper services advertised that sound just like Sunshine’s. Why shouldn’t I use them?

There probably are cheaper services from time to time, but how long are they around? Some garden waste organisations are independent operators who cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of the people coming onto your property. The outstanding efficiency that our owner-operated company offers and the reliability of collection and customer care gained over 21 years is not easily reproduced