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Sunshine Garden Bag Company (“Sunshine”) aims to offer a professional cost-effective service tailored to your needs. This section sets out what you (the customer) can expect from Sunshine and what we ask you to do in return so we can deliver that service.

1.    Organic waste only please: Absolutely no bamboo, flax, dirt, rocks, household rubbish, newspaper, old compost, woodchips or branches bigger than 100mm in diameter. Bags or bins containing any forbidden material will not be taken as this cannot be composted successfully. A service fee will apply if forbidden material is found in the unit.

2.    Wheelie bin collections: Collected from the kerbside once every 4 weeks. The bin must be placed on the kerbside by 7am & must not have any material protruding. The bins are man-handled and must be able to be moved by our operator.

3.    Garden bag collections: Collected by Sunshine operators from your property. The bags are man-handled and must be able to be moved by our operator so please don’t overfill them. Please ensure that there is no material protruding past the top of the frame as this makes it difficult to remove the bag from the frame.

4.    Heavy Bags: If the driver deems the bag too heavy for collection an additional bag will be left for you to split contents of bags. These will then be removed on your next scheduled collection date at the standard rate for the 1st bag and additional bag rate for the second bag. There will be no charge for the initial collection attempt provided there is no forbidden material in the bag.

5.    Placement of Bags: Please ensure that the placement of the bag is convenient for the operator. Difficult positions such as steep driveways, narrow access ways and placing bags up steps may impede the driver’s ability to empty the bag, resulting in a non service. Please contact our Call Centre if you have any queries regarding this.

6.    Additional Bags & Bins: Additional bags are available for delivery on your usual collection date, or by courier, with courier fees payable by you. The collection charge for each additional bag or wheelie bin (in addition to your normal service charge) will be those applicable at the time, as long as they are collected on your regular collection date. You will need to contact our Call Centre at least ONE WORKING DAY prior to your scheduled collection date each time you require additional bin/s and or bag/s to be taken.

7.    Extra collections: You can order extra collections in addition to your scheduled collections by contacting us on or before 2pm Wednesday for a collection that week. These extra collections will be charged for at the rates applicable at the time. If you arrange an extra collection, you cannot postpone your next regular collection. Extra collections cannot be ordered for any week in which there is a public holiday.

8.    Collection dates: A list of collection dates is supplied for your future use so you’ll know when we service your area. Collections are usually made on the day indicated but may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Please contact our call centre if your bin has not been emptied after 2 days. You are also able to view collection dates and print calendars from our website and check collection dates via our automated telephone system. Dates for collection may vary for collections scheduled during the week in which there is a public holiday in your area.

9.    Postponements: You may postpone 4 collections per year if you subscribe to one of our standard services. To postpone you must contact our office no later than 2pm ONE WORKING DAY prior to your next scheduled collection. Postponements received after this time cannot be guaranteed. NB; Postponements can also be made up to 2pm ONE WORKING DAY prior to the collection via our website and phone system. If you forget to postpone and we call at your property, the full fee is payable. This applies to both garden bag and wheeliebin collections. (8 weekly wheelie bin customers cannot postpone collections).

10.  Access: Where access is denied or postponements are not notified, the full fee is payable.

11.  Cancellations: You may terminate the use of Sunshine’s services at any time. Any unused part of the pre-paid fee may be transferred to another Sunshine account but is not refundable. In the case of cancellation by you or by Sunshine, the equipment may be removed at your next scheduled collection date and charged for at the normal service rate. When the equipment is removed other than at your next scheduled collection date, Sunshine may invoice you its standard fee for administration and equipment removal.

12.  Lost or damaged bags, frames & bins: You will be charged for lost or damaged bags, frames or bins at the rates applicable at the time.

13.   The terms and conditions relating to the provision of services using bags do not apply to customers who subscribe to the services after 23 December 2016. From 24 December 2016 new customers may only purchase services using bins.

14.  Payment: Our terms of payment are 10 days from date of invoice and are in advance. To ensure uninterrupted collection your account must be paid on time and must be in credit at all times. Collections may not be made from accounts that are not in credit but please note you cannot use non-payment to postpone your collection.

15.  Overdue accounts: Where payment is refused or in the opinion of Sunshine Garden Bag Co Ltd, unduly delayed, the service will be cancelled and the account passed to a credit collection agency. Sunshine Garden Bag Co Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee for this action, in addition to any fee charged by the collection agency.

16.  The forms of payment we accept are:


Credit card over phone & online at our website

Telephone / Internet Banking to:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand, Sylvia Park

Account Name: Sunshine Garden Bag Co Ltd

Account #: 02-0224-0427556-11

Particulars: Your name

Code: Your Customer Code